Royal Top

Our Technology

Taking advantages of the most modern and specialized machinery as for quartz and natural stone processing, ROYALTOP is known as one of the pioneers in this industry. Using specialized machinery from famous and well-known companies in this industry, introduced us as one of the best countertop producer companies in Iran which can compete to other rivals obviously and attract costumer's attention easily.

ROYALTOP technology:
  1. Measuring and mapping:
Measuring and mapping, ROYALTOP uses the most modern digital measuring utilities that bring the errors to zero and gives you the most accurate digital template of your kitchen, bathroom and etc.
  1. Cutting:
Cutting engineered and natural stones, ROYALTOP uses technology of Italian Company that reduces the errors to 0.1mm.
  1. Polish and edge profiles:
Creating beautiful and divers edge profiles, ROYALTOP uses technology of the best Italian companies.
  1. CNC Cuttings and edge profiles:
Making triple, ogee, bullnose and other edge profiles in addition to special cuttings, royal top uses Italian technology.
  1. Water jet services:
Creating your fantasies in or from stone, ROYALTOP uses technology of America.
a collection of glamorous and luxurious natural stones
a collection of the highest quality quartz stones ever made

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