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Engineered Stone vs. Corian

A quick look to the indexes of your preferred products shows that reference to the duration and case of use, we can claim that this product should have four main characteristics and lack of these four, can result in wasting your money and precious time. These characteristics are listed below:
  1. The product should be resistible to moisture.
  2. The product should be resistible to heat.
  3. The product should be resistible to water absorption.
  4. The product should be resistible to acids.
  5. The cellular structure of the product should have a great solidity to avoid of being broken or having scratches.
Considering that kitchen is one of the places that is used the most, it should be made from the materials which don't lose their high quality during time of use.
regard to the experience of people who've used Corian and engineered stone and regard to the discussion forums in different countries, use of corian is poco a poco reducing that approximately 80% of people prefer engineered stone to corian.
Here are some characteristics of both engineered stones and corian
  • Engineered stone:
  1. Up to 93% of quartz used in it, engineered stone is really hard and solid.
  2. The resistance to the stains of tea, coffee,  drinks, olive oil and vinegar is about 100%
  3. Due to the hardness of quartz, engineered stone have a high resistance to acids
  4. Due to the elasticity of the polyester resin and vibrocompression method in producing these stones, they are heat and scratch resistible
  5. Bacteriostatic method using silver ions, avoids penetration and proliferation of bacteria.
  • Corian:
  1. Due to the use of polyester resin or acrylic or better to say plastic, it's not resistible to heat or acid and unlike to the claim of the manufacturer it's not resistible to scratches and heat.
  • for downloadind the engineered stone spreadsheet, click here.
  • for downloading the corian spreadsheet, click here.

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