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Engineered Stone vs. Granite

Most of the granites are hard and dense so that they are considered as one of the most durable building materials. Granite is resistible to water absorption, impact and can tolerate industrial area’s condition.
Granite can also have different finishes but maybe levigated mode can be the best shape for beautifying outdoors. This mode can display granite’s beauty and reflection of crystals. Granite has different colors and shapes that their combination together can show the elegance and picturesque of them.
It’s easy to mention that there are a lot of granite mines in Iran that so many kinds of granite are extracted from them but due to the costs of extraction and polishing, granite is one of the most expensive stones ever.
Generally, granite consist of 20% quartz and 35% fluspar and mica, is resistible to heat and scratch but it’s strongly recommended to avoid direct heat on it.
Considering its general characteristics, the results of comparison between granite and quartz are listed below.
  1. Quartz stone has more quartz than granite (93%) that causes more hardness in quartz and engineered stone.
  2. Due to the porous surface of granite, it’s not resistible to stain and you should use sealers every one year constantly
  3. It seems the costs of granite due to the protection cost, are higher than engineered stone.
  4. Granite can be used in outdoors but engineered stone is only used indoor.
Even with the results of this research, nobody can deny the elegance and beauty of granite stones and really, selecting between these two, depend on the taste of people.


compressive strength
water absorption
by weigth
Impact test
flextural strength
2200 0.02 135 515 Engineered stone
1921 0.33 61 134 granite
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