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Engineered stone vs. MDF

MDF is a wooden composite with density of 500 to 800 kg/m3 (750 kg/m3) that can be made from different materials. Most MDF types are wood based and usually, soft woods (pine wood) for manufacturing MDF sheets are being used.
Two main materials which are used in MDF manufacturing are resin and wood which this mixture's heat resistance increases and its hyginics diminishes under heat and pressure. Usuall thickness of MDF is 3 to 40 mm and it's a cover (HPL, vinilium, PVC) which can beautify these countertops the most.
Before entering engineered and artificial stones to the countertop market, percent of usage for MDF in kitchen countertops was increasing day by day but when entering these materials to the kitchen market, MDF usage diminished little by little.
Below, you can find engineered stone and MDF countertops comparison results:
  1. MDFs are not water resistant but engineered stones are. Water and moisture do not make any shape alternations in engineered stones but occurs in MDF.


  2. As quartz is one of the hardest elements worldwide, engineered stones are one of the hardest materials for kitchen countertops and in comparison to MDF, engineered stones win.
  3. Because engineered stones are non-porous, they can be cleaned only with a neat cloth but MDFs can not be cleaned as easy as engineered stones.
  4. Engineered stones are resistant to chemicals and can be cleaned by most of the cleaners but MDF cannot.
  5. Engineered stones have more variety in color and shape
  6. Engineered stones are shinier.
  7. Engineeres stones are more expensive.
  8. Installation of engineered stones is done only with adhesives can do not damages your wall our backsplashes, in case which MDF installation is done by metal bolt and nut and can damage your MDF countertop.      


Generally, engineered stone in compare to MDF, beside beautifying your kitchen, can be so cost-effective and increases your satisfaction.

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