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Engineered Stone-FAQ

What is royal top?
Royal top is a brand which is used by our international company, IMA AMIN. IMA Amin, has started its activity in 2010 in the field of counter and vanity tops, wall mounted surfaces, floor water jet designs and etc. using the most famous brands of engineered and natural stones, IMA AMIN is pioneered in this industry.

what is engineered stone?
Engineered stone is a mixture of science and art that is called the miracle of technology and science. These stones are a mixture of quartz, different grading and colors, resins and other chemicals added with small pieces of glass, mirror or shell which can customize your order due to your taste. Including 93% of quartz, made engineered stone raised durability of quartz.

What is quartz? 
Quartz is one of the hardest minerals founded in nature- only diamond, sapphire and topaz are harder than. Beside beauty, quartz in our stones, results in hardness and highly scratch resistance.

How is the hardness of engineered stones in compare to natural stone or solid surfaces?
Due to the 93% of quartz, engineered stone is more durable and scratch resistant than natural and solid surfaces
 what’s the best way to maintain royal top’s natural beauty?
Simply wipe with a paper towel, warm water and soap. There is no need to worry about grease, hairsprays, makeup spills or grime.
Use a soft cloth with warm water and mild soap or detergent. If needed, apply common, non- abrasive household cleaner. Make sure to use non-abrasive cleaners to avoid losing the surface shine. At the end, rinse the surface with clean water after any cleaning agent is used and dry with a soft cloth.

How durable is engineered stone?
Royal top is resistance to cracks, scratches and stains. However, like most materials, excessive force and pressure from objects can damage the surface. Royal top is resistant to the stains caused by coffee, tea, fruit juices, liquid food coloring and vinegar. Royal top is non-porous so that it provides maximum resistance to staining and bacterial growth.

Is there any need to apply sealers to engineered stone?
Royal top is a non - porous and bacteriostatic product, so there is no need to use a sealant.

Can we cut on engineered stone?
Although engineered stones are scratch resistant products, using a cutting board is strongly recommended.

What is the best way to maintain the finishes?
Due to its high density and non-porous quality, normal cleaning with a damp cloth will keep it looks like the first day of installation. Avoid using abrasive cleaners.

How well can engineered stone bear heat?
engineered stones are structurally more heat resistant than other stones. However, any stone material can be damaged by a sudden and rapid temperature change especially near the edges. Therefore, using hot pad trivets is always recommended especially when using pots, frying pans or etc. don’t place hot pans directly on the materials.

Is caring of engineered stones as easy as said?
Be sure that engineered stone counter top is easy to clean and maintain and there is no need to be worry about that.

Can engineered stone be used outdoors?
Although some customers have used Royal top outdoors, this used is not covered by our warranty because it’s not resistant to UV ray.  
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